Our Vision of
the Future

Our Vision of the Future

Singapore is a well-established International Maritime Centre, providing a diverse array of maritime products, services, and expertise for the global shipping industry. Besides being one of the world’s largest container ports, Singapore is also the world’s largest bunkering port. The Singapore Registry, which has more than 4,000 ships totalling more than 50 million Gross Tons, ranks among the top ten registries in the world. The Singapore Registry of Ships (SRS) is the administration responsible for executing the proper registration of ships sailing under the Singapore Flag. It further ensures that all ships and owners meet the stringent criteria before according the ships Singapore nationality.

Singapore is a party to many major international maritime conventions which forms the backbone of the standards on manning requirements, ship construction, safety equipment, condition for seaworthy operation, and the legal and fiscal regimes that a Singapore ship is subjected to. Some of the main criteria that a Singapore ship has to meet include maritime regulations and international conventions.

Singapore shipowners and ship management companies therefore have a strong responsibility and commitment to maintain the Singapore Flag as a high quality flag whilst capitalizing on the wide variety of financial opportunities that Singapore has to offer.

SMEF further recognizes the need to jointly enhance the competitive advantage of the industry by providing shipowning and ship management companies in Singapore with strong, active, and effective representation so that they can optimally capitalize on their membership. The SMEF also recognizes the strength of having a common platform in dealing with common issues, and therefore, envisions a future where the Federation and its members continues to respond effectively to issues of concern to the industry.